* Financing your investments
* Financing your growth
* Financing your outstanding client balance
What tools are best suited to your situation ?
Grant ? Leasing ? Lease ? Loan ? Dailly Loan ? Capital increase ? New partners ?
Each case has an answer: we offer our expertise and tools to explore the solutions best suited to your needs.

The strong points
  • An accurate measure of your financing needs
  • Financial estimates of different solutions
  • Support for the research and selection of funders
Questions and Answers
  • Can you come with at the banker’s ?
  • Of course if you wish so.
  • Do you have any partnerships or special relationships with some funders ?
  • Although we have regular contact with many networks, we guarantee total independence and objectivity
  • What are the usual deadlines for replying to requests for funding ?
  • It varies, depending on the amount and nature of funding. It is generally between 2 days and one month